Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why we moved

The yard over by the barn has looked like crap since we moved as it was a “pile up the junk” zone. Weedy and junky. This morning Stephen, Mitchell, Faith, Grace, Claire, Clark and I worked on the area and it is now clean and nice. Before we began I asked each of them to look at the house and then at the near barn and asked each if they were proud of how the near barn looked. All were ashamed of the near barn. We talked about how many hands lighten load and got after it. Together, we all worked for an hour and a half and the job was done. After it was over we talked about how many hands lighten the load meant that 10½ hours of work had been done in 1½ hours. A couple of kids went inside at that point, but all eventually came back out. Clark and Claire went to work (with some grumbling) picking up and bagging the dog and cat poop. Grace helped put the two dog houses together and we have put them, along with the dog and cat food, over by the barn. The dog and cat poop situation around the house will, hopefully, improve now. Stephen mowed some. We all went to lunch amazed at how much of a difference we had made on the appearance of the farm in such a short time.

This afternoon we treated ourselves to a movie and some more mowing. Faith is now able to drive the riding mower, but she has yet to get a blade turning. Stephen learned how to work the weedeater. Clark and I put a flap on the brooder in case it rains someday and we looked for things that could cut wood but not Clark’s skin. We did not bother looking at peanut butter for this purpose as Clark was already certain it would not do the job.

The high for the day was about 92 and it felt like fall. We ate the last watermelon of the season this evening and everyone bathed because tomorrow is a church day.

We got a lot done today. We spent most all of the day together. We all felt good about the work we did and we started the process of inventing a new game that involves throwing a golf club and hitting a tennis ball. We will see how this turns out.

If I was still in Grapevine my day would have been one of going to the Mayor’s breakfast at 9, working for two hours in a beer booth, walking up and down Main Street a couple of times, eating something or other in the VIP room, putting on a tux and sitting through a Wine Tribute Dinner.

This is one of those days when I am just so very glad to have escaped to west Texas.


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