Friday, September 23, 2005

Yes, I would like some of that flu, thank you.

Been busy the last few days. I am trying to get all of the projects wrapped up all at once and start a new job. Other than the job, nothing else is getting going. Nothing else pays, either. The meter for County Co-op water is installed - it has been for more than a week – but the trench for the service to the house still has not been dredged as water is step two. Step one is getting the electrical system upgraded to 200 amp service. For that I need time and help from Herman, our neighbor. Herman will be by tomorrow and that will get the electrical side of the house going. Then comes the water.

On top of that it is time to begin taping the drywall in the boys’ room. This is my least favorite job. I prefer painting to taping. I prefer the dentist to painting. I prefer the flu to the dentist. I will teach Stephen and Mitchell how to tape tomorrow. On Sunday I will teach them how to sand as I am not optimistic about the taping work. I would not be optimistic about it if it was my work, either. Supposedly there is a new type of drywall mud that does not require tape, but they do not have it at Home Depot. If you know where this can be found, please contact me.

The job – I started Wednesday as the Executive Director of the Coleman Economic Development Corporation. Nothing much to report so far. I have had a couple of meetings with folks from here in town and will be having more meetings in the coming days and then I will have more meetings. After that, I will meet some more.

We have a second cat now. The cat arrived this evening and is beginning to make itself at home with us. We are not sure what we will be doing with it. Katrina is enough of a concern as cats will kill chickens. (We were told this by someone – so it could be wrong and we apologize if it is slanderous to any cats reading this. Let me rephrase, cats allegedly will kill chickens.) We are not sure what we will do with the cat, assuming it will stick around. I have thought of a trap, but Jimmy and Scout are more likely to be trapped than the cat. I am a dog person, but I must admit that for now it appears that Katrina is smarter than either dog, by far. Or, as the dogs would say, more smarter.

Good night,


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