Monday, October 24, 2005

Chickens and Cold Weather

I can't believe Roger said the smoked chicken turned out okay. It turned out GREAT! I hope the next time he smokes chicken, we have a lot of them for him to smoke. I couldn't stop eating it. I had to because the kids wanted some and we were running out. And then I thought about it all day today. And no, that's really not just a hungry pregnant woman talking. Today's morning sickness was strong enough that I couldn't think about any other food at all. I had to force myself to eat. But that chicken would have been no problem! Kind of like how there's always room for dessert.

We also got the chicks moved from the brooder today. The weather was cold this morning, but it warmed up and got to the point that it was warmer outside than inside. So I went out to be in the sun to warm up. Since it was nice and would be for several more hours, we moved the chicks. Just like last time, this allowed us to count them. We have 103. We ordered 100 and lost a couple within a couple days of shipping. I'd been told that Ideal is a good hatchery and usually will add a couple extras to cover possible loss while shipping. This seems to be the case. At least they have pleased us so far. It's nice to know there's a good hatchery right here in Texas.

The cold weather is great for getting rid of bugs. And we're not feeling the need for air conditioning. We are finally able to get central heat and air, but haven't yet. Fortunately, we do have hot water so long, hot baths can steam up the bathroom and keep you warm until you get out. I removed the hose from the dryer, but it's only warming up the laundry room and not really helping the rest of the house. We are waiting to hear back from some guys about getting estimates on the system. Hopefully that will happen really soon. But we made a search through our stuff stored out in the barn and finally found coats for everyone. That should help a lot!

Keep warm,

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