Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lost Days

Lost days are those days when you ought to get a bunch done, but for one reason or another, you get pretty close to nothing done. When I was a City Manager the lack of accomplishments on a Saturday or Sunday was a major cause of depression as I had squandered a golden chance to get something done on the house or a piece of furniture or the landscaping. Sadly, soccer games and hockey games and stuff like that – the stuff of good parenting – caused a lot of lost days and I would literally be depressed during sports seasons as I was losing time on a remodel project or something like that when I was also being there for my kids.

When we moved to the country I figured I would have more time for Saturday and Sunday stuff and would be much happier for it and would be less of a grump about stuff with and for the kids. This was true until I took a job. Now I work Tuesday through Thursday and last week and this week you can add in Mondays. I lost Friday to close on the house and I lost yesterday to stomach flu. I am feeling good today and have a long list of chores to get done. Today I have got build a chicken tractor as we need to move the brooder chicks pretty soon. The second tractor is a pile of lumber and other supplies at this time. I also need to get a heater thingy that was in the house when we got here and is still here moved out of the living room so we can begin to try to make this place feel more like home. I also need to get the water softener hooked up and working. I also need to get drywall work done and chicken stuff and whatever else.

I feel kind of bad about complaining about missing a day in order to close on a house and get to see my friend Charly - which happened Friday - or to go to kids' sports events - which use to be a day taker. Its not that these things aren't enjoyable, its that they take me away from getting stuff done and I have this odd compulsion to get stuff done. The other thing is that you don’t get sick days on a farm and there isn’t anyone else to get the tractor built for you when everyone else is sick or tending to the sick. So, now I have a bunch to do and am getting all tense about it as if I was still living in Grapevine.

By the way, we are not living in Grapevine and we no longer own a home there. We are very happy about this as it was a monetary drain on us. We are also sad as the house on Limerick was a wonderful home. It felt like home from the beginning and even when we were tearing it up to make it more like home it felt like home. We are missing on a couple of cylinders with this house and are trying to get it to feel like home. Having the boys live in the dining room is one of those things that causes a mental block in the feels like home part of the brain. Not having enough places for everyone to sit in the living room is another part of the mix. We will get there.


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