Sunday, October 09, 2005

Murder Most Fowl

There is a ZZ Top song lyric that goes “I didn’t know what meant to be loved to death.” While I do not have a personal knowledge of such, we have just lost a hen to this phenomenon. Henny Penny died this evening, she was a favorite of all the roosters. Stephen took her out into a field far from the hen houses and we will watch the cycle of life continue on tomorrow as the vultures come in for their feeding.

For the record, this week we have lost a hen, five hippie chicks from tractor and one chick from the brooder. Next week we plan to lose two roosters to the table. It will be our last practice prior to the big processing the first weekend in November. Also on tab this week is the construction of another tractor for the chicks in the brooder, a trip to Grapevine to close on the house, a Board meeting for me Tuesday night, an electric service upgrade that will result in hot water at all of the sinks in the house and a trip to interview a new midwife.

We are also supposed to get another cold front our way tomorrow. Rain and a stiff north wind! Add getting estimates for an HVAC system to our list of stuff to do this week. Also add finding out where our coats are. We have located some of them, but not all of them.

The kids dug a fire pit out by the near barn yesterday. Only two of them reported burns. The pit is a 3½ foot hole about a foot deep close to the water hose – safety first! – that they are burning all manner of junk they find. I was a bit concerned that they were going to ask to give Henny Penny a funeral pyre, but I guess calmer heads prevailed. That or their education is deficient in the ancient burial rites of various cultures. Anyway, the fire pit is a nice diversion for them and keeps them out doors absorbing Vitamin D. It was cold, but sunny, yesterday and I noticed some freshened up tans this morning.

We live on a farm and outdoor stuff is the rule rather than the exception. Right now, as kids are going to bed, Stephen is outside continuing his quest to rid the farm of stray cats. So far we have three – Katrina (whom we plan to keep), Rita and Dennis. The kids have named them after recent hurricanes, mostly because earthquakes don’t get names. It is dang hard to get rid of stray cats as they will put up with rocks and such being thrown at them as free food sits out within 100 yards of the house. I am considering letting Stephen shoot the cats. My main concern with this course of action is that he might just wound one and it would run under the house and die there. I don’t like the stray cats, but I hate the thought of crawling under the house to get its body out before it begins to rot.

All of the kids have gone to bed now and it is time for the best part of the day – ice cream.


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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you guys sold your house in Grapevine! Good luck on the close and on finding a midwife. Our prayers continue to be with you.