Thursday, October 13, 2005

Musings late on a Thursday

Joy and I are sitting here eating peanuts. Everyone else (excepting the Eviscerator) is in bed but me and the three year old. She isn’t really three yet, but claims it as her age and lets me know, whenever she can, that on her birthday she will be eating ice cream. Right now she is in the process of alternating between “reading” the Sports Illustrated from three weeks ago and falling out of the recliner as she reaches for the peanuts.

This evening we ordered a chicken picker. This is a contraption that you drop a chicken into – a scalded chicken – and it spins around. In 30 seconds it is supposed strip up to five chickens clean. I am doubtful about these claims. I have no reason to be doubtful other than I have no experience with such things and since they are outside of my knowledge base they cannot be true.

No work at any office tomorrow. I hope to be in Grapevine closing on the sale of our house. We will be making fewer trips to Grapevine after tomorrow with the exception of trips to sell plucked chickens. We are close to sold out on our first batch. The impending processing day was the motivation behind getting after the purchase of the picker.

I got into a conversation today with a guy that raises sheep. I intend to talk to him some more about this as I am now interested in being a guy that raises sheep. You see, a three month old lamb sells for $300. Since a ewe will give birth up to two times a year and many will give birth to twins pretty routinely, there is some money to be made on these animals.

The Eviscerator is out here now and reading to Joy. She made Joy give up her Sports Illustrated and is reading Highlights to her. Right now it is a fascinating story about the wolf and Red Riding Hood at a school class party.

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