Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nothing New

Nothing new. We're just going about doing the same stuff right now. Roger's still working on the water and electricity and all the little pieces that have to fit together to make that work. It's much more complicated than my head can understand. But he's getting it figured out between working with chickens, working at his new job, and all the trips to the hardware store.

I feel like I've been rather useless lately. My goal for the day was to bake bread and try to get some granola made. I didn't get either thing done today because my work on our panivino ranch website kind of ended up messing up our email addresses for a while. Either that or it was because the place we registered our email with was updating their software today. Whatever it was, it was a mess and wasted much of my day. I really need to learn more html and don't know how to do that. I only have so much time each day that my head is not between my knees trying to keep me feeling well. I haven't thrown up. That is very good. But I'm unable to force myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast anymore. I really want cold cereal. So tomorrow I've got to get some granola made. And we're completely out of bread. I can't feed the kids sandwiches for lunch tomorrow until I get the bread made. If I'm smart, I'll force myself to work through the early morning sickness while it's cool. Then I won't have to be dealing with afternoon sickness and heat while the oven is on! Is it always this hot in October? I know 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Joy it seemed unusually warm. I suppose it's normal and we just forget each year. What do I know? I've only been in Texas 10 years. And this is my first year to REALLY notice the weather since I deal with it all day long. Funny how my perspective changes without heat and a/c.

So, everything we're doing is the same as the last time you heard from us. Nothing new. I just thought I'd update and let you know we're still alive.


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