Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I have spent about a week and a half now working on our web page. I kept getting stumped on the same spot--how to let people order chicken so that we would know they ordered it AND they wouldn't have to pay yet. Well, I finally have it figured out. It's not the answer I was trying for, but I think it works. So, if you're interested in ordering chicken from us, you can go to www.panivinoranch.com and order. I think we still may have a few kinks to work out, but it's soooo much closer than it was! The kids have watched Sam a lot this last week so that I could focus on learning all this stuff. They've been great!

Also, totally separate subject, we may have found a solution to help get me through morning sickness. Halloween candy! I LOVE those little pumpkins and candy corn. I bought a bag of it and discovered that almost immediately after eating some, the nausea temporarily disappears. I will have to be careful not to overdo this solution because I think it could backfire on me. I have suspected that I just get so hungry I get nauseous. After all, my need for calories is increased now that I am pregnant and still nursing Samuel. I know from previous pregnancies that if I can get my protein intake up to at least 90 grams then I feel okay. But how do you make yourself eat when you feel sick at the thought of food? But there's always room for dessert--and apparently candy too! So I eat a couple of pieces of candy and then quickly eat a meal, snack, or whatever that is more nutritious. But if I overdo it and eat too much sugar, I get that rebound where my blood sugar level rises and then falls quickly. This can leave me feeling even worse. It's funny, I've joked that sugar is like a drug. Someone even pointed out to me that it's a white powdery substance derived from a plant. Sound like any other well-known drugs? So I guess like any drug, it can be useful if we just use it wisely.

I can't figure out any way to say the dyes are useful. I'll have to watch out for signs of depression or something now. I've been amazed at the effects of those nasty chemicals. I knew they bothered some of my children. I just was surprised that they even affected ME! Try avoiding them for a while and then see what happens. You might be surprised too!

Okay, time to go eat a pumpkin so I can make dinner. ;-)


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