Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rappin' and Rhymin'

Clark learned to rhyme today and I got to teach him. While the Eviscerator was fixing dinner we were watching Sam to keep him from damaging himself. There was a learning thing-a-ma-jig that asked all kinds of questions and one category that kept coming up was “what picture rhymes with ____?” Let’s say it was asking for something that rhymed with ‘bee’ and there was a picture of a dog, a tree and a bush. Clark never got it right. So we worked on how rhyming means that one word sounds like another word.

When it was time to take care of the chickens he and I went together and he quizzed me on things such as “what is in the sky and rhymes with loud?” I would then be given the chance to quiz him. The interesting part was when we would get to words that he pronounces incorrectly. For example, he insisted that “board” and “bird” both rhyme. I am not sure that he has this one down yet.

At bed time we invented our own rhyming game. I would ask him “what rhymes with get in bed or get planked?” or “what rhymes with lay still and be diet?” It worked for a while. The older kids enjoyed it more than Clark, but not more than me. I gotta tell you, this beat the daylights out of being at a meeting.


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