Saturday, October 08, 2005

We have hot water now, which makes us better off than most of the third world. Finally!

Two trips to the hardware store, one trip to the farm supply store and one trip to the liquor store. Is the water heater working and the water in it from the county co-op? Yes and yes. I did not get stung by the bees living in the meter box when I turned our city water off. The gas line I took from one water heater to use on this one worked and did not have any holes. The pilot light is on and no one has blown up (yet). There is hot water in the water heater and available in the bathrooms. The Eviscerator is taking a bath at this moment. When she is done I will make a trip to Best Fried Chicken for our dinner. The day hot water became a reality on the farm is a big day. It is the first time in 114 days that hot water has been available from the faucet for the Nelsons. Even better, there are no leaks in the system. I think.

No work on the farm tomorrow other than the regular chicken tending work. If you tend to chickens are you a chicken tender? I have been with the water system all day, so the mid-day chicken tending was done by Clark. I am a bit worried about what I might find out there in a bit.

The kids dug a fire pit out by the barn last night and this morning. They have been burning stuff all day. This is also why Faith has been nursing a burn all afternoon. They were making charcoal and she picked some up only to find that it was hotter than she thought it would be. She does not know why they were making charcoal.

I was walking the trench yesterday to see if all was ok and found a skunk dead in the trench. I just piled more dirt on top of it and went on my way to see if there were more leaks. There were not. We’d heard some shots the other night and I think that our neighbor wounded a skunk, it stumbled away from his house and fell in the trench. It fell in at a time when we had a leak, so it would have, possibly, drowned in the trench. I am not sure how else to explain a dead skunk, head down, in the trench. I guess it could have been drunk and fell in the trench and snapped its neck. It could have been a snitch and it was rubbed out by the skunk mafia and left out in my trench for a message. Sadly, I am too tired to know what the message was.

The Eviscerator has finished her bath and says it is time for me to get out of here to get some chicken. She says its great being clean.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on HOT WATER! What a good thing to be able to relax in a nice hot bath! The things I take for granted are just astounding when I read about your life.

Ann Gregory

The Nelsons said...

Thanks, Ann! I cannot tell you how wonderful that bath felt today! And then when I gave Sam a bath, he didn't scream! I sat him down in the tub and he prepared to yell, but then felt the water and kind of sighed happily. It was really cute. I'm not sure he remembered warm baths.