Sunday, November 20, 2005

How much is that puppy in the truck?

Chickens and dogs are a poor mix and we are getting a full dose of it. This week Stephen found four dead chickens and Scout eating on one of them. Jimmy, while not right there at the time, was also undoubtedly a culprit. I tried to get them to the shelter here in Coleman, but I forgot that there is a difference between a city of 5,000 like Coleman and a city of 15,000 like Warrensburg. Here the animal shelter is a series of outdoor cages for strays that are caught by the Police. There the shelter is a full animal control shelter that has pens and operates as a place to take strays as well as an adoption center. So, dropping them off at the Coleman shelter just was not much of an option.

Our next option was to kill them. Really, that is the first option for most people. We decided against this. I decided against this as no one else was going to have to do it and I was not willing to do it.

Melissa and I had read one time about a guy that soaked the chicken his dog had killed in gasoline and then tied up the dog with water and the chicken as the only things in reach. As the dog got hungry it would take a bite of the chicken and then get sick and so on for about a week. Well, it worked for a day. The gasoline dissipated and the dogs ate the chickens the second day. Now we have successfully trained our dogs to eat chickens. This is a bad development.

Now the plan is to keep the animals penned up until this Friday and then head to the Brownwood Wal-Mart. Black Friday should be a good time to give a couple of dogs away. The final option is to kill them. See the second paragraph.


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