Wednesday, November 02, 2005


We got a cow! It's better than Christmas around here! This morning while eating our oatmeal the trailer showed up with some buddies of Roger's. They brought us our cow! Praise God! What an answer to prayer!

Isabella is a full-blooded Jersey cow. She's 2 yrs old and just gave birth to her first calf a few days ago. I think this morning was the first time I ever even touched a cow and that was to milk her. Poor thing was dripping with milk and we were so slow. Of course, she wasn't very co-operative either. She kept moving and laying down. She was mad. She was away from the other cows. She didn't know us. She probably was missing her baby. We were milking her by hand and didn't know what we were doing. She just wanted to get away from us.

So I took the kids to Brownwood and we bought a cow halter. We have to break her to lead. She had to be tied up for a while just to learn to be here. It felt kind of mean, but we had to do something, right? Then we went out to milk her again. She relaxed some and we finally got her to eat her grain and drink her water. After that she was pretty calm for us. I don't think she ever laid down this evening. But the poor thing was very patient. It took us two hours to milk her! We'll get faster though as we get more used to this. And she'll get more co-operative as she gets used to us.

She is so pretty! I'll try to get a picture of her soon and post it. She's got those big Jersey cow eyes with the long lashes. Roger says we just think she's pretty because she is ours, just like with our kids. But I think he's nuts. Our kids really ARE beautiful and so is our cow. Anyone can see that.

And now we have REAL milk in our refrigerator! And cream! I have been craving cream ever since we had to give up the raw milk we were getting from the co-op we were part of in Grapevine. There's something about pasteurized, homogenized milk that just doesn't satisfy my cravings for cream.

I can't believe after 13 years of wanting a cow, I finally have one! Thank you, God!



Anonymous said...

I was wondering about this. If you brought her and her calf would that mean that you can't get enough milk for your family too. I just don't think I would have the heart to seperate a nursing mom from her baby.... is this the ONLY OPTION?????

The Nelsons said...

Our family drinks a LOT of milk. We are getting about 3 gallons a day from Isabella and drinking it all. Some cows give more. Some families drink less. We were told that if we couldn't drink all the milk, we could get a calf and let the calf have the back teats while we milked the front. The calf would still get plenty and so would we.

Isabella had a heifer and the dairy farmer we got her from didn't want to part with both of them. The calf wasn't for sale. But often times you can buy a cow with a calf. Sometimes you can even get one that's already bred back (a pregnant cow PLUS the calf). There are many options. This was just the right one for us.