Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mmmmm, that milk is good!

I have been absent for a few days as the new schedule here at the ranch gets worked out. Late night posts are pretty much a thing of the past as 5:00 a.m. is the new wake-up time for me. The last couple of mornings Faith has gotten up with me and milked Isabella. In the evenings it has been a hodge-podge of folks as Claire and Faith worked with me last night and Stephen milked tonight. Melissa milked two nights ago, but Isabella head-butted her and that was a scary moment for all of us. Like an idiot I told Melissa to go give Bella a hug and like a bigger idiot she listened to me. I am always amazed anyone ever takes advice from me. Bella picked Melissa up by her ribs and sorta tossed her a foot or two into the air. Thank God Bella has been de-horned. I think Bella might have been afraid she was gonna get eviscerated.

Isabella’s biggest problem was the delivery of her placenta. There was a little piece of flesh hanging out her backside when we got her and Melissa noted that there was some more pinkish tissue showing up as she approached Bella for a smooch. This morning Faith noted that there was a bunch of flesh coming out of Bella and, sure enough, there was a hunk of flesh about like a polska kielbasa hanging out of her. After we got back from church she was resting by the fence and when I called to her she stood and I saw mass of tissue fall to the ground. I went and checked and, sure enough, there was a placenta on the ground. I know what a placenta looks like from my mid-husband work.

Anyway, now that she has passed her placenta she is way more active and alive. She chased the dog away from the stanchion. Not that Jimmy is much of anything. She is also mooing louder. It is funny, as I walk away from the pen she will call out to me and now that she is louder I can hear her all the way to the house. She is still trying to figure out her place in the herd and launched Grace this afternoon – after she passed her placenta. I am kind of hungry as I write this and keep on linking the words placenta and salsa in my mind. Placenta Salsa sounds about as good to me as the “Peach Salsa” I saw on the shelf the other day. If you have any good recipes for this, let me know.

She let a lot of milk loose this afternoon for Stephen and me. Stephen is still a bit skittish around Bella – he was there when she tossed Melissa – but he did well today. There were two problems for him though. The first was that we were both grabbing at the bucket when Bella moved and on one occasion we almost dumped it out together. The other problem for him is a cut thumb. He will get past both of these issues.

Have you aver been licked by a cat? If you have you know that there tongues are a little bit rough. A cow’s tongue is a hundred times bigger and a hundred time rougher. This afternoon Isabella decided that my arms and hands needed to be licked. I think that if I could train her to lick people on command I could open a spa and sell the world on the wonderful benefits of being exfoliated by a Jersey cow.

I hope Melissa gets a picture or two of her up soon so you can see how pretty she is.

Hey Charly – when did that loser Avezzano go to Oakland?


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