Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ready for turkeys.

The last few days have all been a blur. Last Friday night Melissa and I had a charming night out with the girls – we went to Home Depot and Wal-Mart. The decision was made that we would not roll the dice on the range working this Thanksgiving and we were going to get a new range. We looked at gas and we looked at electric and we ended up with a Maytag electric range. I ran the wire Sunday and it was delivered yesterday. This morning the water for the oatmeal boiled quickly, the pies cooked in the amount of time they were supposed to cook this afternoon and dinner was made in the time it should have taken this evening. These are new events in this house.

The duct work for the heating and air conditioning system was finished on Sunday and on Tuesday the installers showed up. This afternoon they left and we have central heat and air now. There is one duct that I need to run and with my brother-in-law on the way tomorrow and staying for a bit more than one day, perhaps, maybe we will run the duct work to the lone, cold bathroom. I may also use him to fix some fences. It is also just a likely that he will bug out and head off camping with first light on Friday.

On Tuesday, while the Home Depot guys were here to deliver the range, another truck pulled up and our ice maker finally made it here. We ordered this thing a month ago. Its installation was completed this afternoon and I had a big glass of water full of ice with my dinner. We are pretty much done with roughing it, now. Yeah, I am still getting up at 5 to milk a cow and it is kind of cold, but I now can come into a warm house with biscuits cooking reliably in the oven and iced tea ready to wash them down.

The boys also finished taping and bedding the drywall in their room today and we are ready now to texture the room. If I can find the brush I may make them start tomorrow. The sooner I can get them out of the dining room the sooner I get going on the remodel of the kitchen and dining room.

From the ranch where blessings fall into place all at once, Happy Thanksgiving.


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