Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tools in the kitchen

Yes, we are in the process of a major remodel so there are always tools everywhere--including the kitchen. But that's not exactly what I'm blogging about tonight.

Roger has always told me that having the right tools is a big part of doing a job. I've been trying to make butter, and we're getting butter, but it's been a big job. We ordered some stuff to make cheese and got something called butter muslin. I guess it's "real" cheesecloth. I keep reading that the stuff you get at the supermarket isn't the same and now I believe it! I've been rinsing and draining my butter in supermarket cheesecloth. Then the job of kneading the whey out of the butter takes at least an hour. But Wednesday morning I used the butter muslin and was able to actually squeeze a lot of whey out of the butter without the butter squeezing out of the cloth. This meant it was much quicker when it came time to knead the whey out. Hurray for small victories!

And Roger has already mentioned we got a new range. I just wanted to say Praise God we have it!!! It used to take 30 minutes to boil 8 cups of water to make our oatmeal for breakfast. Then we had to leave the stove on high while cooking the oatmeal to get it to cook. With the new range, I was able to boil a huge pot of water (enough to make spaghetti noodles for all of us) in under 10 minutes. And I actually got it to a full, rolling boil! I haven't seen that since we left our old house in Grapevine. Yeah, the oatmeal boiled over and left a huge mess on my brand new stove, but it cleaned. Cooking will be so much better now! When a package said to bake something for 15 minutes it would take 45. Baked potatoes--even small ones--took 2 hours. How do you plan for this? I never knew how long it would take to do something and it seemed to keep getting worse. Roger pointed out it would be impossible to pull together the whole Thanksgiving meal with that unreliable range, so we went shopping. The new one is so great! It works! That's all it took to please me, but in addition it has a lighted oven with a window, plus a clock and timer. Really, it's nothing fancy, but I just love it!

It's so great to have tools that work! And the turkey was delicious and done in excellent time!


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