Monday, December 19, 2005

We're back, see you in a week.

It seems that every second or third post begins with “sorry to have not blogged in so long, but…” As Pee Wee Herman said in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, “Why is it everyone seems to have big buts?” In our case, we are simply too busy a lot of days living our lives to write about them. In the last week we have gotten rid of Jimmy – he killed another chicken – helped install a video projector at church, attended a couple of work related meetings, directed a children’s Christmas musical, milked a cow a bunch of times, been sick and found a mouse.

The mice in our life seem to be the more interesting parts of the story. A week ago Saturday Faith picked up Katrina and was petting the top of her head when she felt a sharp pain in her thumb. The cat had a mouse in her mouth and the mouse bit Faith, a deep, blood gushing bite that almost required ½ a stitch. (Strange how a cut or bite is only serious when it is yours.) Anyway, I ran out and got the mouse out of the cat’s mouth and called a friend of ours out here that is a vet and asked about rabies and mice. After the vet quit laughing at me I learned that while a mouse can theoretically carry rabies, it is so unlikely that the vet told me if her own kids were bit by a mouse she would not bother with rabies testing. Upon further reflection it makes sense seeing as how rabies is passed on by a bite from an infected animal to another and so the mouse would have to survive the bite to spread rabies.

The other mouse story was yesterday. Melissa had been hearing some scratching sound and started to narrow the location down to the hallway. It was further refined to the vacuum cleaner. At that point the mouse poked its head out and two scared each other. We took the vacuum outside and while I was trying to get a kid to find the cat the mouse jumped out and ran away. We decided more than one cat was needed and wouldn’t know that as we left for church last night the new cat was walking up to the house. Even better, later in the evening Stephen saw an owl hanging around the near barn.

Also of interest was a cool blessing of meat. Last night at church one of the members came up to Melissa and was telling her how he works for a guy with a game ranch and they are culling out the herd right now and would we be interested in one, two or a dozen deer? We are getting three deer worth of venison for nothing more than the processing costs. Not bad for a guy that doesn’t hunt. Particularly neat as we were about out of red meat from the cow we bought half of from my sister- and brother-in-law last spring. We have plenty of chicken. If you want some, let us know.

Also of interest since the last post, the City Manager of Coleman has resigned and is headed to a job in Springtown. I have had a bunch of folks ask if I am interested in the job. I guess it’s a fair question since it is what I have spent my entire adult life doing, but it won’t be happening again. As I like to say, I am not obligated to continue making the same mistake. I like life on the farm too much to spend more time away. The farm gives me all kinds of chances to make new mistakes.


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