Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cows and chickens, but no cards

It has been three days now that I am milking and all is going well. Okay, not all is going well as she is still trying to test me a bit. I fell the other day when she made and unexpected move as I was leading her and that was a frightening moment as 800 pounds of unruly Jersey came toward me. Thankfully, I did not fall further than my knees and was able to stare her away. Interesting thing about prey animals, they do not like to be stared at and even though she could have trampled me, she turned away from the direct gaze.

This afternoon was a watershed at the farm as Melissa took command of the chicken crop. I had been paying less attention to them seeing as how I was trying to get back on my feet with the cows and the kids were just paying less attention to them, period. Melissa went out there and walked each of the kids through the whole process and program and made it clear that we were no longer just raising chickens, we were farming them. She explained that these chickens represent our food and one of our products and the kids will either be sharing in the fruits of our labors or they will just keep on being poor. Of all of their options, they liked not poor the best.

Tomorrow I have a couple of three phone calls to make for my job and after that I am pretty much off. It will be a day of running to the feed store and doing some light work around the house. It will also be a day of celebration: tomorrow is Mitchell’s 14th birthday. He is a heck of a kid. He and I went to Brownwood today to eat at CiCi’s and do a Wal-Mart run and to look at what he might want for his birthday. He ended up wanting a set of carving knives/chisels. Of all the kids, he has always been the one I identified with the most and he with me. It is a something of a small joke between the two of us. Anyway, I enjoyed my day with Mitch and will be off tomorrow to give him grief and play whatever board game he chooses. Monopoly is the most likely game.

Sadly, it will be board games. Tonight was poker night back in Grapevine and of all the things we have given up, it is the one that I absolutely miss the most. The guys were fun, the stakes were manageable and still exciting. I would not give up the farm for a poker night, but if I had the right hand I would be willing to bet the farm.


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