Friday, January 27, 2006

It's NOT the Milk

I have had several people ask me if we pasteurize our milk. No, we do not. The next question is whether or not we think this could be why we've been hit so hard by illness. Could it be the milk?

Claire was the first to get sick. She got sick Dec 20 and had a high fever (around 103) for several days. She got better, then got sick again, then got better, then got sick again. The second time she again had a high fever for several days. This time it's staying around 99 and keeping her grouchy. She is STILL sick today. She barely drinks any milk at all. Just one glass at dinner time. Sometimes she takes seconds, but when she does she never drinks it. This has been a big issue between her and I, that she shouldn't waste it.

Roger and Clark both got sick within days after Claire did. Clark drinks a bit more milk than Claire, but not much. He takes milk with each meal and never finishes it. I know this because again, it's a big issue about not wasting. He was better within a couple days and has not been sick again. Roger, on the other hand, doesn't drink milk at all. He discovered that he does like Isabella's milk, but it doesn't like him. So he quit drinking it. He drinks none at all and he was hit hardest by this virus.

Stephen and I drink the most. Samuel is right up there with us. Sam drinks less, but he's also a lot smaller. The three of us drink more than is necessary, but we love it and don't have problems from drinking it. None of us were sick for more than a day or two. None of us ever ran a fever even as high as 100.

Mitchell and Faith both drink a fair amount of milk. It varies from day to day, but mostly they drink what they need and that's about it. They both got sick once and were better within a few days. They did run the higher fevers and had to stay in bed longer than us milk gluttons.

That just leaves Grace and Joy. They both drink milk, but not a lot. They both got sick several times and it stuck around for longer than it should. Joy, like Claire, is still sick.

So if the milk is responsible for anything, it's for keeping some of us healthy.

Just wanted to defend our cow. She is a good, healthy cow. We keep our milk clean and filtered and cold. We just don't heat it to kill germs which also kills enzymes that are good for you.

And since I'm talking about our cow, I thought I'd mention an incident that happened this morning. We were looking out the window to see if Isabella had come around to be milked yet. I believe Roger mentioned the neighbor's lease and that their cows are here now. Grace, our cow lover, the one who is happy that we are eating venison instead of beef lately, was looking out the window and saw a field full of cows. She stared for a while and then just whispered, "beautiful." It sounded like something someone would say when seeing a sunset or sunrise or the Grand Canyon or something. But she was just commenting on our pasture being full of cows. I thought it was cute.


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