Sunday, January 22, 2006


Rain came last night and this morning and for the first time in four months we have mud in the house. It is a chilly, cloudy, Sunday afternoon and we are all just laying around and relaxing. We have to if we are to ever get better. Claire, the first one to get sick over a month ago, is sick again with a low grade fever. Melissa is now on the getting sell side of this cold, whatever it is, as is Grace. We will all be better, it is just gonna take some more time.

The folks that have a grazing lease on our property brought their cattle by yesterday. I took Bella out to the pasture this morning after milking her and for once she was happy to go. Seems there is a bull in the herd Jerry brought over. This is a whole lot cheaper artificial insemination. We won’t end up with a Jersey, but a Jersey/Angus cross. No big deal since we will just be eating it anyway.

Mitchell’s birthday went well. He had to make his own ice cream as Melissa chose the 20th to get sick. He took it well as he is a trooper. We still have not played any chess ot monopoly as he spent the whole of his birthday whipping Claire, his seven year old sister, at chess. Mitchell likes to play games. He likes to win games even more…

On Saturday Mitchell, Stephen, Claire and I worked hard getting the corral and the calf’s little shelter cleaned out. We had almost a whole pick-up bed full of manure/hay/grass/dirt that we moved to the site of this summer’s garden. It was the first really hard work that I have done since walking again and while I hurt last night, I woke up in better shape this morning.

I’m just happy to get some rain. The Live Oaks in the front yard are green again, instead of a whitish green, which they have been for the last month. It is also nice to have at least a touch of humidity in the air.


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