Monday, January 02, 2006

Several Prayer Requests

Roger has continued to be ill. His tonsils were really swollen. Through prayer he is finally recovering (Praise God!). He can talk again! That may seem like no big deal, but it gets really lonely out here with just the kids to talk to. I can talk to him, but it's hard, even for me, to do all the talking without any response from Roger. And the kids were kind of scared of him when all he could do was grunt. Last night I told the kids we all needed to act like we're two or three year olds and just pester God with the request that he heal their dad. They knew what I was talking about since we have a 3 yr old. After you hear the same request over and over and over it's hard to not just give in. So we all pestered God last night and Roger was much much better this morning. Praise God for that! Otherwise I would have had to take him to the doctor--if one was in the office being the day after New Year's Day. I wasn't sure how I'd manage that since he can't walk. Can you just picture me, 20 weeks pregnant, trying to carry this man over my shoulders through the parking lot? Ha! I'm no where near that strong. So that's the reason we had to pester God last night. I was desperate to not need a doctor for him!!

And then today I took 6 of the kids to Brownwood to do a little shopping and visit the library. It was so great to get out of the house! I'd been to the grocery store over the last couple weeks, but somehow this was different. Maybe because it was a beautiful sunny day. Maybe because we were blessed with several compliments on our large family and well-behaved children (Joy, the 3 yr old, stayed home). Maybe it was just that I wasn't worried about Roger anymore.

But if anyone reading this wants to pray for us, Roger is still pretty sick. He still has to be in bed which means we have to take care of him. And while most of the kids are feeling better now (Again, Thank You, God!), I have had a sore throat today. I thought it was just dry air and smoke from the nearby grass fires, but I looked at the back of my throat and it's got the same clear little blisters everyone else has had. I can't be sick! I just absolutely cannot. So I could use some prayer. On the bright side, we know my tonsils won't swell because I have none. By the way, that was another sign that Roger was feeling better. He got his sense of humor back this evening. He was telling Faith some story about me being bitter and jealous of all of them because they have tonsils and I don't. Yep. I'm terribly bitter and resentful that I don't have a huge golf ball in the back of my throat making it difficult and painful to swallow. Funny thing is, what they have had is called tonsilitis. So how can I catch it? I guess we just have to call it something else for me. When I was younger and "tonsilitis" was going around, the doctor would tell me I had "pharyngitis." Like they're some real diseases or something rather than just names for symptoms. Oh well.

Another prayer request/worry I've had lately is that my prenatal blood work came back "equivocal" for rubella. Supposedly at the time I had the blood drawn, I had rubella. I am to be re-tested next week. My midwife is wonderful about keeping me calm about this, but with weird things going through the family (some of the kids broke out with a light rash on their faces after being sick) I can't help but worry. Now, I HAD rubella as a child and for the last eight pregnancies my blood test has shown an immunity. So there's probably nothing to worry about. But it is possible to lose that immunity (10% do, but more than that do if they were immunized rather than had the disease fyi) and so I worry. So if you'd like to pray for yet another thing for my family, pray that I remain calm. I prayed about it the other day and felt God was reassuring me that no matter what I will love and enjoy this baby. That's good enough for me, most of the time.

And since I'm asking for prayer, I wanted to share a couple of praises. Isabella is over her mastitis. Stephen and Mitchell have become pretty good at milking, although they are anxious for Roger and Faith to be recovered enough to get back to the job. But they've all gotten good at milking and handling the cow which is a very good thing. Praise God that when Grace left the gate open last night, the cows just hung out together in the stanchion instead of wandering off somewhere like the highway or railroad tracks. Stephen and Mitchell were especially thankful that Sarah did most of the milking for them and it only took a few minutes to finish this morning.

Have a happy and blessed new year!!

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