Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thank you all!

God is so good! He has heard our prayers and we are doing remarkably better today. I want to thank everyone who prayed and ask you to please continue!

I woke up without any signs of illness today. I felt great! I actually got some things done around the house other than caring for sick people. I got some prep work done to get us ready for a new unit in school and got some much needed cleaning done. It amazes me how quickly my house goes from clean to trashed. But with 10 people here messing it up all the time. . .

Roger is doing better too. He has laughed and played with the kids today--all from bed of course. He even ate nachos for lunch! This is exceptionally remarkable to me because he's been struggling with swallowing water for days now. And he went most of the day without fever AND mostly without painkillers. He did need some ibuprofen in the afternoon, but what a great improvement! Roger even joined us at the table for dinner with the help of crutches. I think that was probably a bad idea, but it was nice to have him there at the table. And nice to not have to fix soup for him.

Faith was able to milk this morning, but probably shouldn't have. She ended up with a fever again this afternoon and was sent back to bed. She and Roger played cards after that and that helped lift both their spirits. They both would rather have been milking the cow--and Stephen and Mitchell agreed.

Joy seems to be mostly fever free now, but continues to point to her throat and say, "in there" if I ask her if anything is "owee." But she seems to not be too bad.

Well, that's the update on our health. I really want to emphasize that I know this quick change after all this time of illness has to be from God. I so appreciate your prayers and so does Roger. Hopefully he'll be back to blogging soon. I know his posts are much more fun to read. So keep praying for him!


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