Friday, February 24, 2006


I added a bunch of wood chips to the nest boxes on Monday in hopes of more eggs from the hens. As with most things in life, it was a mixed bag of results as it worked and it was not totally necessary. The egg count on Monday was four, yesterday it was 11. Not so much that more eggs are being laid in the nest boxes as it is a function of the kids finding the places the chickens go to lay their eggs. There were about 20 found in a clump of old cut down tree limbs (add chipper/shredder to list of needs), a couple were found by the road and one was found in a dog house. Even the meat birds are starting to lay eggs and Melissa, ever the mother, is thinking we should save these animals from the ax and raise all of our chickens from eggs. I’m easy, so we probably will do this from now on. Hey, it saves us on the initial investment; I just don’t want to have to sit on the eggs all day.

(By the way, since the actual rules of grammar are virtually unknown to me when you see things like semi-colons – like in the paragraph above – Word put them in there for me. I just wanted to make this clear to everyone in case one of you decided to ask me about split infinitives, I don’t know or care what they are.)

Rain is falling from the sky! This is a rare experience out here these days. I saw on an Internet weather page that we are supposed to get a ½” today and a ½” tonight. This will be good for our fields, our tank and the only loser in all this may be the burn ban. This will allow us to get back to smokin’ brisket and grillin’ burgers!

I read an article about a tissue theft ring in New York that may have even sold off some of Alistair Cooke’s tissue. I never really cared for him, but I figure if you can get money for a tissue used by Alistair Cooke you can pretty much get money for anything. What would they get for Oprah’s toothbrush?

Really though, when did grave robbers become tissue thieves? I did not see anything about these guys being charged for robbing a grave, but they were charged with unlawful dissection. I guess this is a good law to have on the books in the event sophomore biology gets out of hand some afternoon. I am curious though, is there much case law on illegal dissection? Exactly when is it legal to dissect and when is it illegal? Is it like speeding and you have a limit and if you go over the limit you get a ticket? I also want to know why the police are only picking on people with Italian names in this case – the four suspects: Michael Mastromarino, Joseph Nicelli, Lee Crucetta and Christopher Aldorasi. Sounds rather Sopranoish doesn’t it? I will follow this case and keep you up to date on it until it is all resolved or I get bored with it.


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