Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Milk!

The milking of Bella has picked up greatly since we switched her back to the proper feed. Amazing how that works. It isn’t like dog food where you really don’t notice if the food is not ideal. Bella is up about a half gallon in less than a week since she went back to the right food.

We are officially out of the Third World. We now have heating, air conditioning, running water, hot water AND the trash pile next the house is gone! I rented a backhoe this weekend and dug a deep hole and buried the construction materials and now have a hole dug for the grey water re-use system that we’re putting in. A little plumbing and a little wiring and we’ll be there. Should happen in July or September. I had never really operated a backhoe prior to this weekend and it was a great thrill. Really. Every time I would scoop up a backhoe bucket I would think about the hour (at least) of shovel digging I had just skipped through. Yesterday I finished off with the hole by the house for the re-use system and hit some rock that the backhoe had trouble breaking through. I was so very thankful that I was not on a shovel.

This weekend I go on an adventure to San Antonio to pick up a chipper/shredder that I got off of ebay. Very excited about this as well as the coming years are going to be full of chipping and shredding the mesquite trees that we are going to be cutting down. If you need mesquite chips for smoking, let us know.

I heard from a friend this weekend about how he knew for sure that our recent health problems had nothing to do with the raw milk. He pointed out his experiences as a kid when he would milk and the cow would step in the bucket and they would drink the milk anyway. They filtered it, just like we do, before drinking it. As an adult he has traveled in Mexico and eaten all of whatever he wanted and never gotten sick. He relates his iron stomach to the milk and the bacterial protection he got from that milk. I think he is probably right.


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