Monday, February 20, 2006

Musings on woodpeckers, roosters, golf balls, hens and fan blades. Or you could just skip it.

I went in this morning and put some time in on a major project at work. I came home this afternoon and worked on a bunch of little things all around the farm. Got some trash put together for pick up tomorrow, got some water to some animals that were shortchanged with the recent freezing weather’s toll on the outdoor faucets, got some hay for Bella and wood chips in the nest boxes for the chickens. I also walked around and just looked. Found a woodpecker down by the creek hammering away on a mesquite. Found new signs of deer on the property. Turns out that before I ever start my bee hive there are already at least two wild hives flourishing on the east side of the property. I knew about them, but thought they were the same hive. They are not.

I found more golf balls as well. They seem to just appear as I was by this way last week while fixing the fence and did not see this cluster of balls. Hit a couple, left the rest to mate. They were Pinnacles and Titleists and if they continue to multiply I have a new cash crop. I took a couple to see if I can still hit a one iron. The results were mixed, I got some loft on the second one but still did not make it all the way to the train tracks.

The hens are starting to lay eggs now. Just a trickle right now, four or five a day, but as it warms up and the bugs come out we will start to get more and more and if Melissa is right, and there is no reason why she should not be right, we’ll get about two dozen eggs a day. We will hatch some as we plan to let a few roosters live. The rest we will eat.

Uninspired quote of the day - "Do not place hand in fan while fan is running." - Warning label on central air conditioning unit


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Heather said...

Hi couple of things... chicken will not lay during molting, they have to put engergy into feathers. An if there feet get wet they lay off for awhile... I am enjoying your blog !!!