Tuesday, February 28, 2006

simple is best

This may sound dumb to most of you, but it is a description of this evening and a description of why I am so happy to be here. We had finished dinner and since the corn bread did not go as far as we had hoped, and neither did the beans, Melissa started dishing up some of the ice cream she’d made over the weekend. It was made from our own cow’s cream.

I went out to put up the chickens and I wanted to check on our little heifer calf. I was joined by Faith before I could get 20 feet from the house. She wanted to come with me to see the cow and do the evening’s buttoning up of the farm and, I think, she just wanted to have some time with Dad. We went to see the calf and she grudgingly let the two of us pet her. Claire came out to join us. As the little shed got too full we closed the calf up for the night and talked about what we were doing with her and how were managing her.

It is right at 7:00 as this is happening and while I have the flashlight, it isn’t needed as we are walking through the last light of the day. The rim of the sky to the west is a strip of orangey-purple that blends into the dark blue above and the nearly black to the east. All 16 chickens are in the coop, but no new eggs. We will have to make due with the 17 eggs that the coop and the two chicken tractors produced today. This is almost a scrambled egg breakfast for us, but not quite.

Faith and Claire and I head toward the house, but first we have to let the dog loose. Faith takes care of that and notices that Scout has no water. Without having to be asked, Claire goes to the faucet while Faith takes the dish to the hose. Claire turns it on when she sees Faith in place and Faith tells her when to turn it off and, voila, the dog has water. I am closing the barn door while this is going on and the three of us walk with the dog, back to the house and to the ice cream.

This life is so wonderful because of the simple things like working on the gentling of a calf, daughters that see a job to be done and hop to getting it done with a silent and knowing division of labor, noticing the end of the day’s light in a clear sky. This afternoon I sat around with the calf on the ground in the corral. I smell like it and I love it. It was what I was going to write about tonight, except for what happened a few minutes ago. These are the things I relish and they remind me of why we wanted to do this. Is money tight? Yes. Are we being abundantly blessed by things money cannot buy? Absolutely. I am sorry you couldn’t be here this evening to be a part of this. Then again, there was barely enough ice cream to go around as it was.



Audrey said...

I am trying not to covet, but must admit it is hard! One day I pray we will have this same evening, if only it could come sooner than later. What you described is my hearts desire, and probably many other families as well...you are truly blessed!

Heidi said...

Hi! I don't remember how I came upon your blog...but I must admit your story is amazing! I chose this psot to comment on because it seems so beautiful.

I'm ust a 17 year old girl, but just the idea of having 9 kids and living on a farm with just enough dollars to have a bit of a treat every now an again sounds like a wonderful idea to me. THanks for sharing your life!