Friday, February 17, 2006

Yippee! I got a double brown rectangle!

Today was a busy day at work and I am glad to be out of town and at the little bit of heaven we have here. Isabella was light with milk this evening and it is too stinking cold to stand outside looking for meteorites (or is it meteors?). It is cloudy anyway. Tonight will be game night. Melissa is making French toast for dinner and that sugar high will be just right for a night of Chutes-n-Ladders, Candyland and checkers.

A year ago, a night like tonight – cold and windy and nothing much to do – would have been so very different than tonight. To begin with, I wouldn’t have milked a cow and checked out a fence section in the windy cold. Instead of playing a game we would have watched the Olympic games (no TV, no Bode). We are having French toast because it was the quickest dinner option, last year we would have called in a pizza. Here in Coleman a pizza dinner is a special occasion, not a weekly event.

Have my kids complained? Nope. I am constantly amazed by them and their flexibility. They have left all of their friends behind and pretty much the only home any of them have ever known – a home with a pool and basketball goal and plenty of room. Now they are in a semi-cramped house with a HUGE yard. They play hard in that yard every chance they get. Melissa and I have had to declare certain clothes as “Sunday/go to town” clothes so that there will be at least one or two sets for each kid without holes or permanent stains. I think that is the kind of problem I want to have and hoped to have when we decided to move here. They take junk they find around the farm like a section of pipe, baling wire, hay, limbs and a hub cap and create landmarks for their quests or toys for their games or both combined. I think I have blogged about this before, but it is still something worth noting and enjoying about them.

The milk cow, Bella, is in heat right now. There is a beef cow in the herd that is as well. This makes for a busy bull. Tonight, as I was milking, Grace was watching the bull as the other cow came up to him. They stood there and nothing happened, but she got to talking about how those two looked good together and would have nice looking babies and began to worry that the babies the bull (an angus) and Bella (a jersey) would make would not be as pretty. I thought about explaining that both babies would be equally good on a bun, but instead Grace and I just talked about what made a pretty cow and what made for an ugly cow. I’m pretty sure this is a conversation that would not have happened a year ago. But it did tonight and it helped me to put the worries of the world away, not to be picked up again until Monday. Funny, but if we had lived here a year ago we would probably still be there. Hmm.


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