Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Animal update

In case anyone is on the edge of their seat wondering how the animals are doing, I thought I'd update you. Fred the goat is still alive. He seems slightly better than last night. We'll repeat his meds tonight.

Our incubator is a busy, noisy place. We have 7 chicks fully hatched at the moment. This could change at any time since there are more pecking away at their shells. Grace just informed me that waiting for chicks to hatch is hard! And, she said, waiting for me to have a baby is even worse.

We've numbered our eggs. The one with the double yolk is egg #9. A frequent question around here is "How is #9 doing?" So far the egg has a hole pecked at one end, but nothing more. They are still hoping for a siamese chicken.

I'll try to get some pictures in a bit.


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