Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another chick update

All the chicks are doing well. We can tell the twins apart from the rest because they are a bit smaller and each have one foot that looks a bit deformed. Not so much deformed as it is bent or curled under. This morning we discovered it didn't stay warm enough in there. It looked like the smaller twin was dead. I went to pick it up and it felt cold, but then it moved. So we warmed up the brooder and it perked up. I just checked on them and they are all doing very well. All 19 of them.

Funny, we didn't expect to get many chicks from these eggs since they were some of the first the hens ever laid. We did better than I expected and now the kids are saying we should continue to incubate our own eggs. Time to research what breeds and crosses we'd like to try.


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