Thursday, March 23, 2006

Apparently, the chicken was first

This has been one of those weeks when it has just been one activity or chore or conversation or effort or whatever after another. I love weeks like this. There is just too much going on to tell it all, mostly because I have a very small brain and many thongs fall out of it.

Monday was chicken slaughter day. Tuesday we drove to Dallas and I visited with my mother and then we went to Grapevine to sell our chickens and eggs. Wednesday was work and a dawn walk and catching the calf and bringing her back so the cow could spend some quality time with the bull and digging up the septic tank and going to church and then to bed. No time to blog. Today was a lot like today except the calf was already put up and the septic tank got pumped out instead of dug up.

One of the interesting things about this week included a friend of mine, Roy Poage, donating a kid to us. He called on Wednesday to tell me he had a nanny with three kids. My initial thought, since I have spent more time in the city than the country, was that I did not know he had any little children at home or that he needed a nanny to watch them. Then I understood that he was talking about a goat. For those readers that are in the city, triplet goats would be a problem since a goat only has two teats. I really did know this before today. Anyway, the kid survived through to today and I took Faith, Grace and Claire to pick him up this afternoon. Since we are trying to make every possible mistake, the girls have already named the goat. I know you aren’t supposed to name your dinner, but it still happens.

Another interesting thing was finding eggs inside the chickens when we butchered them. We learned that the yolks are there in abundance inside the chicken. As they make their way out the bird the get bigger, the whites collect around the yolk and then a shell forms. We took a fully formed egg out of almost all of the chickens. Okay, the rooster did not have an egg in him.

We have heard from two of our customers and they were very satisfied with their chickens and one was very happy with the eggs. We tend to forget how good our pastured chickens and their eggs are since that is all we eat. It was nice to hear from both customers.

The final interesting thing about this week is that we have, for now, an operational septic system. It has been very cold and windy and the boys and I have been urinating outside to save the flush. With the system up and running for now we can stay inside. I still go outside as marking my territory has become a hobby.



Amanda said...

Hi Roger & Melissa,

Love the blog. Just had to point out this typo, since it had me laughing my head off..."because I have a very small brain and many thongs fall out of it."

I hope Melissa is feeling well! The girls love the dresses she made!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! How are you feeling? I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I love when people leave comments at my blog. Have a great day.