Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bed Rest Scare

Little bit of a scare today as Melissa was having contractions every seven minutes this morning. It kept her in bed all day and made some of us very nervous. In the end the answer was water and lots of it. We were called by the hatchery that they had sent our order of chicks today so this afternoon was a rush of activity to get the brooder cleaned out and reset for the critters.

I had mentioned this task to Stephen and he had blown it off. So I ate lunch and called everyone in the house – Faith, Grace, Claire, Clark and Joy to get outside to help me with the brooder. As we walked across the yard to the brooder Stephen came tooling along with a wheel barrow full of wood shavings. He had been out doing his noon chore and remembered that the brooder needed to be cleaned out and took it upon himself to get it done. Mitchell had come by and joined in with him and the dang thing was almost all cleaned out by the time we showed up. The best thing of all was the look on Stephen’s face while he was pushing the wheel barrow – he was happy and proud of the work he was doing and not at all feeling like he’d been put upon. It was a very neat moment.

Anyway, Melissa laid out has slowed down the chicken tractor work as I could not get the work started today. Tomorrow I work all day, so maybe Friday I will get after it, so long as there is no rain and I would very much prefer rain.


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adrienne said...

Praying for Melissa! I have always heard that lots of water was the answer, I am glad that it worked!!

It is so neat to hear about your kids and the work that they do on the ranch, what a neat moment with Stephen!