Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogging and Following the Tournament on a Friday Night

Melissa is fine now, thank you all for your interest. We are getting rain this evening. We had a new batch of chickens come in this morning. 100 Red Broilers are bedded down in the brooder right now trying to fight off the cold. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is, when we get chicks it is a cold or wet day. It got into the mid 60’s today, but I never managed to get warm.

We took three gallons of milk off the cow today. This is a good development for her and the rest of us. What we really want to have happen is for her to get pregnant. The bull that is on the property has paid plenty of attention to her, but she is still not pregnant. I am thinking maybe some Luther Vandross would be a good soundtrack for the pasture. With the grass coming in now I expect the cattle will continue grazing our property until the lease is up in July, so she will have plenty of chances to spend some time with the bull.

I had thought of cutting off the beard as it has been so nice here lately, but the weather forecast calls for lows in the mid 30’s next week and protection from that is exactly why there is a beard on my face. That, and the fact I enjoy looking like an ax murdering vagrant.


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