Friday, March 10, 2006

The chicken tractors are not fixed yet, but the fence work is well underway and will get finished tomorrow. I forgot to tell you about the great hunter’s success yesterday morning. Stephen asked me if he could take the .22 out to hunt as I was headed to town to walk with a friend (uninteresting story there). No big deal, but I did remind him if he killed any member of the family he would not get to hunt again, this is a standing rule. Anyway, I get back from my walk and milk the cow and as I am getting ready to head out the door to go to work Stephen comes walking up with a dead rabbit. He shot at a rabbit and killed a rabbit. The two are not the same, which is mildly interesting. Seems he shot over the rabbit he was aiming at and hit a second rabbit. Kind of a random drive-by killing, only with rabbits.

Melissa has a rule that if you kill something (other than an insect), you have to eat it. Stephen took our Encyclopedia of Country Living and skinned the critter. Following the instructions further he checked the liver for white spots and the dead rabbit had white spots on its liver – coccydiosis (sp?) – so he could not eat the rabbit. He gave the rabbit to the dog and so far the dog is still alive. Melissa looked it up and coccydiosis is apparently something that is common in dogs, so the rabbit was fine for her and I won’t have to dig another grave.


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