Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Worm

We had a storm last night. No rain, just a bunch of wind. We had rain clouds all day, it looked like it was going to rain. It smelled like it was going to rain. It faked us out. At 1 a.m. we awoke to a clanging sound. There arose such a clatter I sprang up to see what was the matter. The matter was the roof of the stanchion blowing off. This morning we woke up to find that the chicken tractors had been totaled as well. Weirdest thing of all was that the roof sections blew over to the hose faucet, disconnected the hose from the faucet and turned on the faucet. This is too dumb to be made up, it really happened.

Today is Grace’s birthday and we are having her choice for dessert. White cake with fruit punch frosting and vanilla ice cream. Yummy! Since it is Grace’s birthday she never forgets that we share an anniversary with her. This morning we were given a priceless gift from the girls. They made a “Happy Anversary” card with an extra special Bible verse in it for Melissa and me – Psalm 22:6 But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised by the people. This is so special we will keep this card forever as it is signed by all the girls and since they like it so much it will be a part of their wedding ceremony.

Tomorrow is a day off for me and I will use to rebuild/redesign the chicken tractors so that they do not blow all over the place when the wind blows and begin putting in the cross fence to keep the animals out of the “orchard” area and future watermelon/peanut patch.

Faith and I planted six peach and two plum trees on Wednesday and will plant three more peach trees, three blackberry vines and three blueberry bushes tomorrow. A couple of the kids mentioned after we were done on Wednesday that it really felt like we were on a farm. We had the trees planted, the garden planted and had processed nine roosters. Sorry Darlene, but the roosters had to die. The folks I work around at the chamber thought it was funny that I called it processing, they all call it killing.

The wireless broadband is installed and blogging just got a lot easier and more convenient. The quality is not any better, but it is easier.


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