Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hatch pictures

egg with crack
chicks in incubator
egg #9
Here are the pictures I promised. They aren't the greatest photography, but hopefully you can see something there.

The first picture is just an egg beginning to open. The next picture is a "group shot" of a bunch of chicks that just happened to be where we could easily see them through the window. And the third picture shows you egg #9. You can't see the number written on it because it's rolled over, but we know it's number 9 because it's much bigger than the rest. I just wanted to try to catch the beak poking out of the shell, but it didn't come out very well. Timing has to be perfect to catch that shot, and then you need a clearer image anyway.

As I've been typing and uploading pictures I keep hearing updates shouted from the kitchen. It sounds like we may have another chick hatching soon. But soon means what? Stephen can actually predict how many minutes until they hatch, but he hasn't shouted any updates in a while. I guess he has more experience with this. We've hatched things before, starting about 7 years ago when we hatched ducks. Then the day after Clark was born Stephen came to me with a bunch of duck eggs and said, "Mom, you promised I could incubate them when my ducks laid eggs." So he incubated that batch of eggs all by himself. That started 6 yrs ago yesterday. We've only done chickens since then. You'd think we'd lose the excitement of a new hatch, but we never do. I guess that new life is always exciting. :-)


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