Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Mornin' Bloggin'

We have the near barn clearer that it was and I have a table saw area set up so that some of the on hold projects can get finished. This is very exciting for me as well the boys – who get desks – and Melissa – who gets shelves. Plenty of brown recluse and black widow spiders killed in the last three days in the near barn. In the far barn we have scorpions and a snake to contend with. Funny, we are probably within 10 feet of a hundred spiders, scorpions and snakes at all times, but it is almost as if we live in different dimensions. As much as we dislike these creatures they seem to want to be away from us just as much. I do not intend to live and let live with them, I just hope they don’t make that same decision as they would win.

On Wednesday we are supposed to get wireless DSL installed. This will move us from the “dark ages” of 1990’s internet use to the modern world of 1M downloads. It will allow us to get some pictures on the page as well. Not only do we not want to take the 36 hours it takes to upload pictures with dial-up, but we also don’t have time to wait for pictures to load when we check our blog. Now we’ll have the speed.

Thursday is Grace’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. It is tradition around our house that the kids get to pick the meal and dessert served on their birthdays. Grace informed us last week that we would be allowed to pick the dessert since it is our anniversary. Yesterday she decided that she wanted to pick the meal and dessert, so now we are having cake and ice cream instead of the ice cream and cake Melissa and I wanted to have.

The cow is giving more milk each day now as we have changed our routine. For those of you that are cow milkers it will sound foolish, but we have gone from one milker to two milkers each time. Instead of me milking alone I have added a helper on the other side and we are getting about ¾ gallon more milk a day after the first week of this. Faith and I milked this morning and I sat there milking and watching the non-milkers play out in the field at 7:30 in the morning. Their chores were done and it was apparently time to sword fight.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Happy Anniversary to you and Melissa!