Saturday, April 08, 2006

Always room for pie!

Sorry to have been gone for so long, but typing is still a problem as the index finger on my left hand is an important pecking tool. I took all the bandages off a couple of days ago and now it has a nice, crunchy scab shell to protect the finger to some degree. The doctor told me the finger would grow all the way back and the nail would come back, so it will mostly be a temporary inconvenience. The three oldest kids have been milking for me and while they do not care for the greater frequency they are doing a great job. Mitchell has also added “pumping septic tank” to his repertoire and Stephen has added “finished off bee fence” to his. The electric fence around the apiary is ready and charged up. I tested it myself yesterday. The bees ought to arrive Tuesday.

We went to our second “fancy” dinner in Coleman last night. It was the Chamber banquet. We went to a celebration dinner put on by one of the local industries last Saturday night. We have been to these kind of things in Grapevine countless times over the past twelve years. The two we went to in Coleman were nothing like what we were used to in Grapevine. This is a good thing, a very good thing. For example, after the Wine Tribute it was customary for Melissa and me to go and get a burger or some other normal kind of food afterwards. Why? Because we are beef/chicken and potatoes people, not oak leaf salad with yak testicle glaze, followed by breast of ostrich on a bed of St. Augustine with cranberry vinaigrette people. We would leave these events starving. Okay, Melissa would leave the event starving and I would leave starving and drunk from all the wine. Last night we had sirloin steak, chicken breasts, baked potatoes, green beans, bread pudding and ice cream. Last week we had steaks – great big steaks – with durkee onion green bean casserole, bread, mashed potatoes, and cherry pudding stuff on graham cracker crusts. All of it was served (both events) on paper plates, the good ones that are real thick and oval shaped. Real food for real people served up without pretense. Have I already said I love this place? Well, I do.

Today we are making pies for a pie auction at church tomorrow. It is a fund raiser to help get our kids to church camp this coming summer. Just the oldest three will be going this year and without some sort of fund raiser they would be stuck here in cow milking camp. I am going to make a couple of cheesecakes and Melissa will be making pies. Tomorrow my Dad will be coming for a quick visit as he is headed to Albuquerque to help my sister out with her broken leg. He had planned to go out a couple of months ago, right after she broke her leg, but the weather was awful. I would have thought you’d plan to go and help when the leg was really bad and the pain was great and not wait two months for a time when the weather was better. He is going to come out in September for a week to help at the farm and let me give my finger a rest.


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