Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good Day to Start Something New

Sorry to have been absent so long. For part of the week we were without internet access as a wonderful thunderstorm knocked out the transmitter for our wireless provider and we were in the dark. In that time a couple of things happened. The quick one – the queen arrived on Wednesday and I got her in the hive before going to work. I will check in a couple of days from now to make sure she has survived and the honey production can get going. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Yesterday was Claire's birthday. She had a good time, but I think that Sam was a bit jealous of the attention Claire was getting as he is now insisting that he is Claire.

The other was a discussion that has led us down a new sort of path. Melissa and I were talking about the house and all the things that are wrong with it. I have told the kids that upon the death of both Melissa and me they are to demolish this house as I do not want anyone ever assuming I built it. So, we asked ourselves, “Ourselves, why would we pour money into this house when ourselves plan to build a retirement home out here at some point? Why not just build the ‘retirement’ home now?” Ourselves thought that sounded good. We have spent the weekend on-line looking at metal buildings, green buildings and such. At this time we are looking to build with what we find on our property. We have a lot of rock that could be used. I think there has to be an adobe chance even though we have thick clay. I think there may even be a way to turn the caleche from small limestone pieces to solid, large limestone pieces. Anyway, we are looking at free cycle, green building pages and such to see if we can scour the countryside, picking up rocks on the side of the road and build a house real cheap.

Trivia – it was April 30, 2005, that we came to Coleman, saw this property and put an offer on it. It was accepted the next day. Two weeks later I resigned and six weeks later we were moving to Coleman with hope and prayers and little else. Perhaps this is the perfect time to begin quest 1A, the building of a green and cheap house.



Karen Matlock said...

Straw bale! Or have I mentioned that before? I'd do it myself except for building codes here. or . I think they're great looking. I'm not sure how much they'd cost you, though, since you'd probably have to buy some of the materials.

The Nelsons said...

We have looked at straw bale, but it requires more purchases than we want. Even more problematic is the crappy delivery system for the product. Right now the favorite is cord wood with mesquite and underground, with dirt. Both dirt and mesquite are plentiful. Hard to say which is more plentiful.