Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Live the Queen

One of the things that creepy nerds like me do on the farm is keep track of the stuff we do. I keep track of the daily milk yield off the cow, how much we spend on feed for the chickens and when I go out and do stuff with the bees. For example, here is today’s bee journal entry: April 21, 2006 - 4:00 p.m. – killed queen.

Yup, I killed her. The one bee that is more important than all the others. I had to get into the hive to see if she was doing alright, it is something you are supposed to do after one week of the bees being in the hive. Killing the queen is supposed to wait for another time. I got ahead of myself. So now I have another queen on order from the apiary and it will go in the mail on Monday. I am going to have to pray all weekend that the bees do not run away over the next five days as I am absolutely powerless to do anything to keep them. I am going to get them some more food, maybe a pizza and some beer, to keep them satisfied while we wait on the new queen.

I took the lid off the hive and set it aside. I searched the hive for the queen and did not find her. I lifted up the lid and there was the queen – flat and dead. The bees have been the one thing I have been the most excited about since we decided a year ago to move to the country. It has turned out, so far, to be nothing but trouble. It was the grounding system for the electric fence around the bee hive where I cut off the tip of my finger and now I have killed the dang queen.

Faith is in my room sewing together some sort of “weird doll thing Grace and Claire asked me (Faith) to do” as I blog. I am fairly certain that if it were me at the sewing machine today I would sew my fingers together.


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