Monday, April 17, 2006

Warning: Ugly Picture (there is also a picture of my gnarled finger in here)

Still having trouble blogging. My finger is part of the problem and either my connection, software or Blogger are also to blame. Don’t know or care, just getting frustrated. I spent a fair amount of the weekend away from the ranch as I had to go to Dallas as my Mother’s condition steadily worsens. Spent all of Friday night in the Baylor emergency room and it was an evening that teetered between mind numbing boredom and fascination. There was one guy in there who was constipated. Why is this interesting? He was constipated because his bladder was so full it had blocked off his intestines. He was also way overweight and they had to use a sonogram to find his bladder. The doctors put a catheter in him to drain his bladder and as it emptied one of them mentioned that with that type of blockage he could have explosive diarrhea. The next voices I heard from that area were nurses. Those docs knew when to get the heck out of the room. That is me and my dad to the right. I am the handsome one.

I went to Dallas because my Dad was in Albuquerque visiting my sister. When we got the diagnosis – urinary tract infection – he decided to come on home. He and I passed on the road as he came home Saturday night and I came home as well. I got to have dinner with a couple of friends and I got to see a Stars game. This was the first hockey game I had seen all year. I like the new rules.

The bees came Friday morning, before I had to go to Dallas and they are busy in their new hive. I will look in on them again on next week.

On Sunday one of Melissa’s friends and her daughters came for a visit and I think pretty much everyone enjoyed the day.

Not only have I not seen a hockey game all year, but we have not had TV since we moved. I had no idea how little I was missing until I Saturday and was inundated with ads for a new series on NBC called “Celebrity Chef Cookoff” or some similar nonsense. I am betting that the current state of television is either increasing book sales and fueling the popularity of the Internet or we are all headed straight to the abyss in a speed boat. Melissa and I have laughed about the inanity of some of these reality shows and I thought “Celebrity Chef Cookoff” was about as far down the line of stupid as it could get, but then we Googled and below is a list of some of our favorite suggested programs – we think they are in jest, but would not be surprised to see them in TV Guide. Big thanks to, from whom we stole liberally.

Top Ten Worst Ideas for a New Reality Show
10. ULTIMATE REALITY! (a reality show about people getting on reality shows)
9. World's Scariest Toddler Chases
8. World's Most Uneventful Videos
7. True Life: I'm an Online Gamer
6. Middle School Blind Date
5. Rent-a-Cops
4. When Hobos Attack
3. Joe Heterosexual
2. Accountants (Whatcha gonna do when they audit you?)
And the #1 worst idea for a reality show:
1. The Saddams


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