Monday, May 29, 2006

excrementicio lunes

Over the weekend, as a part of helping Melissa recuperate, I took the kids to Granbury to hang out with Melissa’s mom and step-dad. While we were there, Mitchell and I got started on building a fence for them as they are getting a pool and we will not get to use it until it is surrounded by a fence and full of water.

Last night their neighbor notified them that the fence was on his property and that sprinkler damage had occurred. Thankfully, we had planned to go in to Granbury today anyway to get the fence job close to finished. The plumbing issue was not too big of a concern for me. You know, when your first mistake of the day comes the night before, you are in for one big ball of fecal mess once the sun gets up. Before we got to Granbury we had forgotten the library books that were to be returned on the way, forgotten the movie that was to be returned in Granbury and found out that the ice machine was not working. While we were in Granbury Melissa found out that Manitowoc (ice machine maker) has a great warranty, but only for commercial locations. That we are a ranch that uses the machine for our money losing chicken business may be helpful, otherwise we are in trouble. I also killed a chicken in a tractor moving accident this morning. She was a nice, mature, and ready to be processed chicken.

While we were in Granbury we found that we had indeed placed the poles on the wrong side of the property line – just barely – and that putting them on my in-law’s property would have us pushing right through more of the neighbor’s sprinkler lines. That’s right, my in-law’s fence was on the neighbor’s property and the neighbor’s sprinkler system was on my in-law’s property. So, some sprinkler lines stayed where they were, a couple of poles stayed where they were and the rest of the poles got re-dug. We also moved a sprinkler head for the neighbor that was on the in-law’s property.

At the end of our workday there were fewer poles set in concrete than when we got to Granbury. There were three line patches, eight new holes for poles, a broken pole – not a fit of rage, just strong cement – and two more days of work, at a minimum.

Last item and I swear I will quit complaining, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. the price of gas went up 3 cents a gallon at the lowest priced place between here and the Hood County line.

Looking forward to TOMORROW. By the way, lunes is spanish for Monday. Figure the rest out for yourself.


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