Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Faith's Answered Prayer

Still no baby.

As we ate breakfast this morning Faith’s prayers for a horse were answered. We were all going about our morning and Scout (the dog) just kept barking her fool head off. Finally, we looked out the window and there stood three horses. They were quite beautiful and very happy to be munching on the grass in front of the house. Now, Faith has been praying that we will get a horse since we moved here. And so, miraculously, three horses appeared. This is a picture of one of the horses. His name is Oscar and he has blue eyes.

We got them all corralled in the barn area and I called the neighbor that they belong to. When they came, Faith talked to them about getting to help out and they said she could – so now she will get to grow n her knowledge of horses. She will also be modifying her prayer to ask for a horse that she can keep longer than a couple of hours.

It was another reason to love living out here. I was 30 minutes late to work today because I had to take care of corralling three horses. This did not happen back in the city.


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