Thursday, May 25, 2006

Head down, thumbs up

No baby, but the head is down and it has the hiccups.


While there is no new baby, we do have new farm animals. The sheep are here! This is a picture of the two ewes and two lambs. The sheep actually belong to the kids. This past year my Dad decided to give each kid $50 instead of a gift. It was easier for him and the kids would get to pick for themselves. Well, they all got their heads together and decided to get sheep as they knew they could get a couple for $400 and then sell the offspring each year or grow their flock. Smart kids are a joy to raise.


Melissa and I plan to get a ram and four more ewes and we will begin to be in the sheep business. The sheep are recorded Katahdin sheep. They are a hair sheep – no full wool coat, raised for meat. They might also make nice gloves or wallets. Anyway, they are fast to reach maturity and typically throw off twins, if not triplets, regularly. More lambs, more sales, more money for the kids’ return on investment.

The picture was taken this evening. After that, I went and played kickball with some of the kids. You know, when you have eight kids you can play a pretty good game of kickball even if all the kids aren’t playing. By the way, kickball is a dumb game to play for a 42 year old prone to groin pulls. The best part was the dog. Scout kept chasing the ball and would bring it back to the pitcher after it went foul or was missed by the kicker. The problem with her came when she would chase the ball as it rolled from the pitcher to the kicker. She got kicked in the side once and the ball hit her in the head another time. Not to worry, though, as labs tend to have the thickest of all skulls in the animal kingdom.

Still no baby.


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