Friday, May 05, 2006

In case you are wondering, still no baby. Contractions are about between 45 minutes and six hours apart and irregular.

This past week has been one of storms. I think we have gotten rain every night since Monday. Some of the winds have been strong and some of the rain totals quite large. I have two rain gauges. One is in the Suburban and one is in the truck. Neither one has recorded much rain this past week.

The rain and mud has taken its toll on my get-up-and-go here on the farm. In the past the weather was never a factor as I worked in an office all of the time and rain or shine there was work to do. I have a daytime job and working at it has been no problem, but working on the farm has been a non-starter. I was talking to guy while I got a tire fixed yesterday and he was saying that it is par for the course. Its rainy and tractors get stuck in the fields and who really wants to get all muddy anyway. Its also late in the season to plant and so there just isn't much of anything going on. So, I don't feel bad about the nap I took this afternoon. Just a rhythm of life deal I was not aware of.


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