Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lamonte, where are you?

On Monday we got our book on cordwood construction and another one on cob, cordwood, strawbale, earthroof and adobe – all in one. Yesterday we were visited by a guy that I am working with on a workforce development project at the EDC and he had three test cylinders for rammed earth construction as well as a book he was going to let me borrow and another magazine on adobe. He and I got into a discussion about this stuff a week or so ago and he wanted me to have one of the test cylinders he had done from soil that he collected about a mile from my house. Rammed earth is essentially the making of sedimentary rock in a form that will be the walls of your house. I am very interested in this option.

Then came a blessing from God. As Melissa and I were sitting on the front porch I noticed that the power pole across the way was down and a guy was unscrewing the cross piece. These poles have been dead as long as we have lived here. I went across the field, found the foreman and asked if I could have the poles. He was very happy to tell me yes and in the coming days we will be getting a bunch of 8” to 9” round poles anywhere from 15’ to 25’ long. They will have plenty of creosote in them and we’ll have to figure out if we can seal that smell off if we use them for cordwood construction, but trusses, timber framing, pole barns and the like would be no real problem. None have been delivered yet and we do not know how many we’ll get (anywhere from a dozen to 400), but just a few of them will represent significant savings for the project as 8”x8”x8’ posts are about $40 a post and none of these are only 8’ long. We also get the 3”x5” cross posts and their insulators.

Excitedly Yours,
Fred Sanford

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