Friday, May 12, 2006

Making Yogurt

Okay, this may seem a silly thing to be excited about, but I found an easy way to make a whole gallon of yogurt at one time without a bunch of jars and dishes to wash.

Yesterday, like every day, I was getting the milk can ready for the morning milk to be brought in. We have an abundance of milk right now and I had a gallon without any jars to put it in. So I poured it in a pot figuring I'd do something with it. I ended up heating it up, adding yogurt culture, then incubating it in the pot in the oven for about 6 hours. I just covered the pot with towels and occasionally let the oven heat to 110, then turned it off.

It came out great and we ate a whole gallon of yogurt for breakfast this morning. It was almost like a free breakfast and everyone got to choose their own flavor.

The kids thought it was great, but pointed out I shouldn't do it everyday or they'd get sick of it like they have oatmeal. Oatmeal used to be a treat to them, but now they are always happy to have something different.

I wonder if toasted oats on top of yogurt would be any good? I think it would make the kids groan to see it though!



Susan said...

Hi Melissa ~
It is me...Susan Linville, I have a dear friend whose sister is building a straw bale house in San Antonio. If you are interested in seeing it let me know! She said she has people come look ALL the time. It has been on the news.
Blessings ~ Susan

Karen of TX said...

Back in my crunchy days in college I used to make yogurt; great stuff! I think toasted oatmeal would be good on it; add a little fruit and pretend you're at McDonald's with those quasi-yogurt-fruity things they have.

Or not. :)