Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thank You, God

The previous post was written before the big storm rolled through last night. Melissa was at a baby shower for another lady and they broke it off when word came that the cloud rolling in from the west had some rotation in it. I was out putting the chickens up and saw the cloud. I did not see rotation, but it was easy to see the sheets of rain falling from the cloud. Sorry for the Prince reference, but from where I was standing the best description of the rain coming in was a purple rain.

Anyway, we all went into the house, most of the kids were ready for bed anyway, so no big deal. We stood out on the back porch and watched it roll in. First there was rain and great winds, then small hail, then bigger hail, then golf ball size and above. Then the wind stopped. I have been told that when the wind stops in the middle of a storm, and stops suddenly, you’d better take cover. So we all went to the hall and crouched. The hail slowed down while we were in the hall. Instead of 500 golf balls a minute hitting the house there were 200 with a couple of big whops. The big whops turned out to be baseball size hail and they sped up their delivery.

We have a very stout metal roof on the house, so I was not too worried about it. When we were getting the golf ball size we were all saying our little prayers for protection. As the hail got bigger and more violent we began to pray more. There we were, all 10 of us, sitting in the hall while I am praying out loud for God to protect our house, vehicles, animals, animal shelters from harm while baseball size hail is beating the crap out of our roof.

So what happened? God protected everything we have. Nothing was lost to the hail and rain. The three vehicles are all still intact and their windshields are perfect. The cow is fine and gave us over two gallons of milk this morning. The bees are fine. The chickens are all alive and the two chicken tractors show no signs of damage. The dog, cat and guinea all rode out the storm just fine. The internet radar dish on the roof is fine and we had access last night. At some point in the night the tower must have gone out as we did not have access when I wrote this at about 8:00 a.m. I am thinking that the Chamber’s fishing tournament for this morning was probably hurt by the weather, but I will still go out and take a look. First, we have to kill and dress a couple of chickens.


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Audrey said...

If that is not The Fathers protection then I dont know what is! If I were Melissa I would have been scared into labor at that very moment. I am petrified of tornadoes and major storms. Just one of the hazards of Texas I suppose. Im glad to here that all is well.