Friday, May 19, 2006

Ups and Downs of the week

First of all, yes, I'm still pregnant. No, the baby hasn't arrived. Sorry we haven't updated in a week, but my week has been awful. Not as bad as some, but not good either.

The kids have all been sick. Every one of them. And it turns out that Samuel is the biggest wimp about being sick that I've ever met. He can't tolerate the slightest bit of pain and needed to be constantly held--day and night. And of course, it had to be Mom. Daddy is great when he's happy and wants to play. But in the middle of the night when his throat hurts and he wants comfort, it has to be Mom no matter how tired she is or what other child might also need her. You know how it is. One night I was leaning against some pillows dozing off while he slept in my arms. Suddenly he starts pounding on my belly in his sleep saying, "Move balloon!" I just had to laugh. That "balloon" doesn't seem to want to move yet.

So then just as the kids were getting better (although Sam is still sick, but almost better. He just still cries about any little discomfort.) my computer crashed. I was just sick. Stupid stupid me. I hadn't backed up anything on cd's. Just my hard drive. So I've lost a lot of stuff. All pictures taken since Dec 11th are gone. (On the bright side, I no longer feel guilty for not getting the camera out on Christmas. The pictures would be gone anyway.) That includes several great birthday shots and some beautiful sunsets, blooming cactus, cute kid pics, etc. And yes, Roger's finger pictures are gone. Then there is all the data I've collected on my children's schoolwork. I use a program called Edu-Track where I put in all the schoolwork they do and grades, etc everyday. I back it up every 3 days--on my hard drive. My last back up to CD was Dec 8th. That's a half a school year gone. And I let the boys throw away their algebra books because I already had all the data recorded! Yikes! Then there's a book I'd started writing. It's gone. I'm not sure if I'll gather the motivation to start that over or not. We'll see. And the absolute worst thing is the Writing books I'd done for my kids. I had almost completed a complete K-12 writing curriculum for my kids. I needed to complete just a couple more books and I'd have the whole thing done. All I'd have to do each year is print out the books the kids needed that year. But it's gone. All of it. Thankfully, I've printed their books for this school year (we start May 1st each year) and so I can just re-type those. You know, I have so much time on my hands, that's just no big deal. Hah! But all the in-between years have to be started all over.

And I've lost all my email addresses and such AGAIN. If you want me to email you when I have the baby and think I have your email address, you'd better send me an email! Or if you are waiting to hear something from me from Sew Many Children, please email me. I've lost it all. Everything. I'm telling you, don't wait. Back up everything that matters to you on a removable disk of some sort. I had no warning that this was going to happen. Just boom. It was all gone. Do it right now.

Now, my happy topic. I had to go to the post office this week. This may seem like no big deal, but I used to dread going to the post office. There were always long lines and no one would talk to each other. We would all be crowded together in this line for at least 20 minutes and it seemed everyone wanted to pretend no one was there. Occasionally there'd be someone friendly in line, but it seemed to be a rare thing. But you know, I have not run across one unfriendly person at the post office here. There was one day that someone from the local grocery store was running out, obviously in a hurry. Yet, she saw me, stopped and smiled and waved, then rushed on again. I thought that was pretty cool. There's never a wait of any significant length of time which probably helps, but people here are just so friendly! People that don't know me will joke with me or just say hi at least. And the guy that works in the post office is always extra helpful. He goes beyond just doing what I need and offers help or advice for my mailing needs.

I really like living here. I wonder sometimes if the people that have always lived here know how good they have it. But whether they know it or not, I'm glad to have found this place and get to live here now. Kind of like those bumper stickers I see around Texas that say something or other about not being born here, but I got here as quick as I could.

Have a happy day and I promise we'll let you know when we have the baby. My due date is still 3 days away though, and out of 8 babies only one ever arrived before her due date. Other than that, I've had 3 ON their due date. The others were 1 day late, 2 days late, 3 days late, and 12 days late. So anyone want to guess on the birthday of this baby? Due date is May 22. My niece, Maya, says June 3rd but I'm praying she's wrong!!

Oh, one more thing! Clark, our 6 year old, just came to me worried because he accidentally bit his spoon and now his tooth is loose. Yes, it's certainly loose. I explained to him it wasn't the spoon though. Just thought that was cute.


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Anonymous said...

wow....what a week. And to think I was sitting here whining about how my week was so bad. Your's makes mine look like nothing. Hang in there, as they say, "it can only get better!"