Sunday, May 21, 2006

Watch your step out here

Still no baby.

Every night, when we are saying our prayers before the kids go to bed, we ask God to protect us from spiders, snakes and scorpions. In the last month I have: looked up just in time to see a scorpion crawl across the bed to a hiding place (I killed it), and, after moving some boxes, got smart enough to look before I put my hand underneath again, only to find several brown recluses on that box and one right where my hand would have gone (killed them all). Two months ago Faith stepped on a rabbit out in a field. The other end was in a rattle snake’s mouth. Faith and the snake both got away. Tonight, while Faith and I were gathering eggs, I stepped on a rattler. It did not like this at all. I yelled to Faith to stay back and she then saw the snake and got out of the way. The snake was between her and me and I was between the snake and the creek. I sent Faith to get the rake and Stephen was in the field so I sent him to get the shovel out of the stanchion. Faith brought the rake – I had already realized this was a worthless implement – and Stephen brought the hoe from the garden - again, the wrong implement. As I was telling him where the shovel was he recommended the shotgun. Duh!

So I stood there and watched the snake, at one point I used the rake and threw rocks at it to keep it from getting away down the creek. Stephen showed up with the gun and shot the snake. A 12 gauge from six feet into a coiled up rattler does not leave much. We got a flashlight, but the rattle was obliterated. And to think, he had wanted to play volleyball after church this evening.

Once again, God saved us from pain or worse. We don’t ask for “no snakes”, we ask for protection. Seeing them and killing them is fine with us. Mitchell has mentioned that St. Patrick drove the snakes completely out of Ireland and we could pray for the same, but I am satisfied with having my needs met. We stay safe and get an adrenaline rush at the same time.



Audrey said...

Um, well, I was feeling like I could handle anything thrown at me out in the big wide open, now I am not so sure. I could live with no electricity, no plumbing, and so on.....BUT....having a scorpion on my bed, well I think I would be sleeping in the car or in a really large ziploc bag. OH My! I loose it when I see a water bug in my bedroom, because I am worrying all night that he will get in the bed and sleep with me. You are one brave woman Melissa...I can hear you roaring all the way over here. LOL

Audrey said...

Oh, just thought of something...when we lived in the CO mountains we always carried around bear mace with us...because picking up 5 small children and running isnt really an option. Maybe it would work on the rattle snakes? Dont know just came across my mind.