Friday, June 23, 2006

9 - 2 = hole

Mitchell and Faith spent this week at church camp and our family was thrown totally out of balance. They got home a few hours ago and we are back into the swing of normalcy. For those of you that don't get to raise nine kids it may be hard to understand how we could miss two when seven are still here. I think the best way to explain it is that most families these days have two kids. If these two kids were gone to camp, they would be missed. Well, we have two kids that went to camp and we missed them. Mitchell and Faith, though they are a part of a set of nine kids, are loved just as much as if they were the only two kids we had. Take them away, they are missed and there is a hole to deal with. It is that simple.

Stephen has a J-O-B working construction. He's working for a friend of a friend on the construction of a metal building. This is good for us as we are getting ready to build a metal building. Stephen wears a cap about 98% of the time he is awake. This has left him with a very tan face all the way up to the mid-point of his forehead, at which point it is a pale white. He also has raccoon eyes from the sun glasses he's been wearing. All in all he looks goofy and we are enjoying it. He also enjoying having a job. The last three nights he has called out his new job as the good thing about his day and tomorrow I am to wake him up at 5:30, like I've been doing since he got the job, so that he can stay in practice.

Happy to have all of them home -


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