Friday, June 16, 2006

Broken Glasses

Two days before Gloria was born, Mitchell's glasses broke. We called 20/20 in Grapevine, where we got them last year sometime, and they sent us a new pair--trusting that we'd send back the broken ones. We set the broken ones on the counter waiting for the new pair to arrive.

The new pair arrived after I'd had the baby. It took me awhile to get around to it, but today I went to get the broken glasses to send them back. But they're gone. We've turned the house upside down searching, but cannot find the broken glasses. We found some really BIG spiders, but no glasses.

I called 20/20. They were nice about it, but the best they could tell me is that if we can't find them, we'll have to pay $265. We just don't have an extra $265 laying around! We have until July 4th and then we'll have to start making payments.

So I am praying, and asking each of you to say a quick prayer, that we will find the broken glasses. It may sound really trivial, but it's really important to us to find them.

I want to also add that just before they broke, Mitchell was telling us he needed new glasses. He said first that he was seeing spots and then that they were so scratched up that he couldn't see through them. We weren't sure how we were going to afford new glasses for him so I prayed and asked God to provide. It turned out the spots were coming and going and were migraine related. That went away with a magnesium supplement and a stern reminder that our family seems to have a hereditary problem with caffeine and cannot tolerate it at all. (He'd been sneaking sips of Roger's coffee and eating chocolate ice cream at youth group. He understands now.) But the glasses were still really scratched up and hard to see through. When they broke I wanted to cry. Now we'd HAVE to buy new glasses and right away. I prayed and asked God what we should do now and then it occurred to me to call 20/20. I was thinking it had been too long, but called to check anyway. They said it was under a year and they were under warranty. It cost us $40 to get the new glasses. That's a hardship for us, but nothing like a brand new pair would cost and I was praising God all day that they broke and we got new glasses for only $40!! Poor Mitchell couldn't see for a week waiting for the new pair to arrive in the mail, but God provided and I was happy. So for the broken pair to be lost now is such a blow! I feel like it's a spiritual attack which may seem silly to some of you, but there's a lot going on here right now and I believe Satan will attack us in anyway he can. And this was such a recent gift from God I feel certain Satan would want to take it away.

Anyway, whether you believe it's a spiritual attack or not, I would sure appreciate you saying a prayer that the broken glasses turn up somewhere. We really NEED to find them. God knows where they are and He could help us. Also, everyone here is really grouchy now trying to find them and having no clue where to look. Everyone's checked the kitchen at least 5 times each because we all know that's where they were. So please pray that God will help us find them and that meanwhile the kids and I will stop being grouchy and stressed out trying to find them. He's helped us find things before. We need His help again.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Audrey said...

Melissa I am praying for you.
Father I ask that you would lead them to the broken glasses. YHWH I pray that you would bind Satan in any attacks now and ever on this family. They belong to you and are under your authority. Please wrap them in protection as they walk through their days. I pray that you would rain down peace over each one of them and that your spirit would fill their home. I ask this in Y'shuas precious and holy name Amein

PS, if for what ever reason you can not find the glasses, I want to help. Email me at and let me know what comes of it.

Blessings and Shalom

PPS...I have had to write this twice, the first time it mysteriously ;-) did not go through. Satan get behind me...this time it is going through!